99 Degrees of Hot on the Wall

Posted on Jun 30, 2014
99 Degrees of Hot on the Wall

I live in Vermont because of its snow filled winters and its temperate summers. And while this past winter only became snow filled after I broke my shoulder and couldn’t ski, and though this current summer has been temperate only by Floridian standards, I still really, really love it here.

On days like today, though, it’s frickin hard to get any work done. So when the temps crest 80 before 10am, and push on into 90 or -yelp- higher over the course of the day, here’s what I do to maintain:

  • Grab a cold beverage. This could be water or this could be iced coffee or it could be beer. Or wine. Either with ice, if needed. It doesn’t really matter what cold beverage you have by your side so long as it keeps you appropriately hydrated and motivated. Today’s beverages of choice for me were: coffee, iced coffee, water, water, iced coffee, water and currently on beer #1.
  • Wear the most comfortable clothing that is socially allowable.  Today I decided to go for the “celebrity trying to shop and not be recognized” look. This means leggings, a tank top, some cute earrings and flip flops. And of course sunglasses and a trucker hat if I must step outside. The bonus to looking borderline slovenly on a hot day, is that whether you mean to or not, you look hot. So go with it. And everyone else feels like their clothing is melting into their skin too so they aren’t concerned with any fashion faux pas you might be committing.
  • Completely immerse your self in water. And by water I mean work. I’ve sent out a new record of 200 emails today, and not the mass-mailing variety. I’ve been barely keeping my head above the email-highwater-mark, but I managed to focus in so much on the tasks at hand that the time went from 12:30 to 3:30 before I knew it. With that, the sun had officially going down and so had the temp.
  • Surround yourself with fans. Both wind-blowing fans and yes-men serve important roles on hots days. You want fans blowing cool air on your feet, on your face and around the room, but positive feedback from coworkers, friends and family also goes along way toward keeping your shit together when the temps are this crazy.
  • Call it a day. My job doesn’t have M-F, 9-5 hours anyway so I rarely work such regular hours. In fact, I’m lucky if I get any work done most days between 2-5pm. That’s usually my house chore, errand running and real running time. But on days like today, if I’m not cranking out work, I’m going to stop wasting time trying and instead channel my inner sloth. There’s no sense putting out half-assed work when I can get back to it later and do it correctly then.
  • Finally, focus on the future. Which brings me to my shameless upcoming events plug! When the temps are edging toward triple digits the last thing you want to do it think about that. So don’t. Think about things like the Waterbury Arts Fest happening July 11 & 12 and all the ice cream and artwork and music and more ice cream there will be! Think about Hop Jam, August 30 at Bolton Valley and how nice it will be to drink killer craft beers and listen to music on the slopes while watching the sunset. Think about the Brew Haha, taking place right next to Lake Champlain at Oakledge Park, Sept 19 & 20, where you can have more craft beer and listen to more amazing music! And think of SIPtemberfest – the best little beer fest in Vermont – and the peak foliage that will be all around Mad River Glen on Sept 26 & 27. I’m also looking for volunteers for all of these events! If you really want to take your mind of this heat, contact me today and I’ll put you to work!

Stay cool out there!