A Mid-Summers Update

Posted on Aug 11, 2014
A Mid-Summers Update

If the first half of this summer is any indication, I simply cannot wait to see what happens next!

We’ve had some seriously epic weddings, each with their own signature, all with creative and personal touches and none without blisters or sunburns! All of our couples were so much fun to work with and all of the vendors have all been incredible pros. My team of worker bees have been downright amazing – I don’t know what I would do without them!

Our events have been pretty dang awesome too! My repeat events have all shown impressive growth, and my new events have either been huge successes or are showing very encouraging promise! It looks like Meg’s Events will be bumpin’ from now until November! Yeehaw!

And have I mentioned how awesome my staff is? Seriously – they are the best! But some of them are leaving me for this think called ‘school’. Such a bummer! So Meg’s Events is now in the market for a late Summer/Fall Intern or two to join the team! Know anyone who’d like to get some college credit and learn all about planning events? Please send them my way!
See below for some photos of my season so far. Here’s a look at what’s up next:

  • Hop Jam – One of my Rookie of the Year contenters, Hop Jam is right around the corner! It will feature an insane beer line-up paired with an equally awesome music line-up. It all takes place at Bolton Valley on August 30. Tickets are on sale now, but we don’t recommend waiting to get yours!
  • Eat x Northeast Brewhaha – An exciting new collaboration event with the Skinny Pancake and Higher Ground, the Brewhaha is the beer fest element of one of the coolest new events out there: the ExNE. There will be some crazy-good free, repeat: FREE music, tons of educational seminars, killer local food and of course, BEER! This event is a fundraiser for the Vermont Slow Food Movement. The ExNE is free, but tickets for the Brewhaha are on sale now for this must-go-to event in Oakledge Park, September 19-20.
  • SIPtemberfest – One of my personal favorite events sold out in minutes! If a glitch that allowed tickets to go on sale early hadn’t happened, tickets would have sold out in 8 minutes, instead of 38 minutes! This overwhelming sell-out plus the 300+ person wait list for tickets has got our brains already working on plans to add a second session for 2015. But at the risk of competing with our selves, if you missed tickets to SIP, we highly, highly recommend checking out Hop Jam or the Brewhaha!
  • ARToberfest – This is a branny new event that is still in the works, but it will take place October 18 in the beer capital of Vermont: Waterbury. It will feature lots of great beer, but also lots of great beer-related and beer-inspired artwork as well as awesome live music! Save the date for this cool new twist on a beer event – you’ll want to make a weekend of it!