Love what you do. Do what you love.


Meg Schultz

Owner, Planner, Designer.

Dreamer, Thinker, Creator.

Friend, Skier, Dog-Lover.

Being an event planner requires a certain combination of creativity, organization, foresight, communication skills and more creativity. But from the first party Meg planned it was evident that she had found the perfect way to maximize her skill sets and still enjoy the heck out of her job.

“The hardest thing I do is take a day off,” she says. “It can be impossible to put work away when I love it so much!”

In 2008 Meg officially went from event ‘bridesmaid’ to professional event planner when she introduced the world to SIPtemberfest and then took over the Moretown Artisans Sale. And the rest is history. Meg has since become an integral part of, if not driving force behind multiple arts shows, festivals and dozens of weddings across the state of Vermont as well as New York, Oregon and Montana.

A current resident of Moretown, Vermont, and graduate of Harwood Union High School, Meg has strong ties to the Green Mountains and is passionate about organizing quality, community-centric events. She grew up in a bed and breakfast in the Mad River Valley and was immersed in the world of hostessing from an early age. Her love of art and habit of constantly rearranging and redecorating her room were tell tale signs that Meg was destine for a creative career. Her comfort with scary things like math and science opened the door to her analytical and organizational prowess. At Boston University, she earned a degree in journalism, a sharp eye for detail, and the ability to navigate narrow roads and tight situations calmly and confidently. But it was her social nature that finally tipped the scales enough for Meg to quit her “real” job and become an event planner.

There are always new things going on at Meg’s Events, including private events and weddings for clients like you! Contact her today to find out more.