-Meg’s Event Accolades-

Best Beer Geek Enabler – Seven Days Daysies Award Winner – 2016

-Meg’s Event Testimonials-

SIPtemberfest – 2008 to present

“Wow! Another successful SIPtemberfest in the books! Thank you for including the Stark Mountain Foundation – it gives us a real boost and the visibility we got is incalculable. We look forward to working with you again!” – Jim Elkind, Stark Mountain Foundation

“I have to tell you…the crowd.. the weather… the secenery…. the totally relaxed vibe made it one of the best festivals I’ve ever done. I’ve worked The Oregon Beer Fest, The Great American, The Great British, Kona, Vermont Brewers Fest, and a number of Beer Advocate Festivals and I enjoyed this one more (Well maybe not better than Kona, *wink!*)” – Steve Parkes, Owner/Brewer, Drop-In Brewery

“The 2013 SIPtemberfest was as close to perfect as a brewfest can get. Event coordinator, Meg Schultz, absolutely killed it and everything went off without a hitch.” –Thread Magazine

“Megan has done an exemplary job using her organizational and marketing skills to build SIPtemberfest into a well-organized and fun event. We are lucky to collaborate with someone who is such a pleasure to work with and who produces such a high-quality event. Anyone or organization would be lucky to work with Megan.” –William E. Flender, Executive Director, Mad River Path Association

“In all the years that I’ve been going to beer festivals this has to be one of the best. Everything I’ve ever heard about it was true – And then some. Thanks for including us.” – Kurt Staudter, Former Director, Vermont Brewers Association

Waterbury Arts Fest (formerly the Stowe Street Arts Festival) – 2011 to present

“Megan has contracted with Revitalizing Waterbury to assist in the organization, promotion and day-of management of the Waterbury Arts Fest for the past three years. It goes without saying that her creativity, attention to detail, flexibility and skill have helped to build this festival into Waterbury’s signature summertime event.” –  Tamatha Thomas-Haase, Waterbury Arts Fest Co-Director

Hop Jam – 2014 to present

“Man these lines are long!
I wish there were more restrooms!
The food isn’t that great.
I’d like to see a better selection of beer.

These are all examples of things you didn’t hear ANYONE say at the extremely well-executed Hop Jam 2014. It was hard to even write that last line given all the rock-star beers they served up this weekend.” – Jammin’ At Hop Jam, Nick Phelps, AmericanCraftBeer.com

-Private Event & Wedding Client Testimonials- 2007 to present

“Thank you so much for all your incredible work and organization on the Bid & Boogie! Knowing you are organizing our silent auction check out at the end of the night is so key. This year was so smooth. You are a rock star!” – Kira Harris, Spring Hill School, 2018+

“Your role in our 20th anniversary celebration was crucial. Your wealth of knowledge, many connections and skills are energizing. Most importantly, you listened to me and Randy and carried our vision forward with the perfect blend of calm , finesse and great fun. Thank you so much!” – Liza & Randy, Red Hen Baking Co, 2019

“Wow – what a wonderful celebration! Your contribution was KEY to making everything a success and Brooke & Javier’s wedding went off like clockwork. Thank ou so very much for all you have done for us!” – Joan & Averill, parents of the bride, 2019

“Megan was phenomenal. She was very professional, organized and really just “got” what I was trying to execute. My fiancée wasn’t originally a believer in the need for a wedding planner, but couldn’t stop talking about how helpful it was to have her. So highly recommended!” – Emily K. 2010

“Meg made our wedding weekend such a success! We literally could not have done it without her! Her calm but firm approach to organizing was just what we needed to take our celebration from good to great! Thank you Meg!” – Kate & Alan, 2013

-Artist & Vendor Testimonials- 2007 to present

“It is a treat to work with Megan as a vendor. I come in knowing that the event will be well organized, well advertised, well attended and well….fun!  Megan brings a sense of style and professionalism that really make her events stand apart.” – Shannon Morrison, N3 Pottery

“Megan’s shows are some of my all time favorites. She is organized from start to finish. I know when to go where, no confusion. The shows are expertly marketed and well attended. Megan takes really good care of her vendors and makes it fun. I love her shows!” – Cathy Stevens-Pratt, Cat Illustrates

“Thank you for such a great working experience. Your effective communication and organization made everything a breeze! I hope to work with you again soon!” – Bri Skolberg, Dog Sitter

“I love working with Meg. Knowing she’s involved makes my job so much easier. I know the clients are in good hands, the vendors will all be on the same page, and the event will go as smoothly as ever. At one wedding, a crazy thunder storm rolled in with 70 mph winds and lightning everywhere. She was unbelievably calm and focused and efficiently got everyone to safety despite a ton of pressure. She evacuated the tent but made sure the guests still had a great time. Once the storm was gone, it was like things never missed a beat.” – Pat Quimby, APQ Production

-Clients, Past & Present-


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