I will help you create an event that is unique, successful and memorable for all the right reasons.

Atypical & Amazing

We’ve all been to those weddings and events that are beautifully arranged, but boring and practically mechanical. You might even remember some weddings, more because you missed a great music festival or camping trip to attend. You don’t want anyone feeling this way about your wedding or event. With my help, you can put those fears to rest. My magical powers of creativity and imagination will protect your event from getting sucked into the Cookie-Cutter Vortex.


Planning a wedding or an event can be a painstaking and time consuming task. Sure, you can do it on your own and spend every last minute of your free time figuring out the logistics, juggling vendors, obsessing over the details and forgetting what the sun feels like on your face. Or you can leave all of that to me and get back to working on your tan! With my help, your event will run smoother, look better and be far more enjoyable for the hosts and guests alike, all without going over your budget.

It’s Your Wedding

It’s easy to get swept up in the cyclone of color-coordinated monogrammed napkins and curlicued invitations that seem required for weddings. Let me help you weather the storm. We may live in the age of the Wedding Industry, but that doesn’t mean your wedding can’t still be a beautiful and accurate reflection of your visions and ideals. If you want monogrammed napkins you can have them. If you want to be barefoot and have a drum circle at your wedding, you can have that too. I help couples explore their inspirations, strengths and passions and apply them to their wedding day in ways that truly reflect their union, not just their favorite colors.

How Meg’s Events Can Help

Meg’s Events offers a range of services including consulting, day-of management and custom packages. We also offer a very popular consulting session called the Wedding 1-2-3. These sessions are a great way to kick-off the planning process. They usually last about 2 hours and take a comprehensive and customized look at your wedding plans. Get insider tips on how to stay on budget, time-management dos and don’ts and pull off the best DIY-wedding ever. You walk away with a copy of my notes, a customized time line and the confidence to plan your wedding like a pro. Sessions are only $150 and can be applied to custom packages should you decided you need more help.

Let’s sit down together soon and talk about your dreams for your special day! Contact me today to schedule your Wedding 1-2-3!

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