August 19, 2017

Hop Jam is beer and music fest that started in 2014 at Bolton Valley. Now Hop Jam has a slightly new location, (still at Bolton,) and a slightly new format, but still features a unique set up with renowned musicians, an extremely high quality breweries and delicious locally made food, all on the beautiful sun-kissed slopes of Bolton Valley.  The slide show is from our first year. See the below links for more more up to date information.

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  • The Dead Keg Wall at Hop Jam
  • Sunny and 70s at Hop Jam!
  • Spirit Family Reunion at Hop Jam

“Man these lines are long!
I wish there were more restrooms!
The food isn’t that great.
I’d like to see a better selection of beer.

These are all examples of things you didn’t hear ANYONE say at the extremely well-executed Hop Jam 2014. It was hard to even write that last line given all the rock-star beers they served up this weekend.”

– Jammin’ At Hop Jam, Nick Phelps,