The Professional

Posted on Aug 6, 2016
The Professional

gnome-megshultz16-jwbI am so honored to announce that I have been awarded by Seven Days as Vermont’s Best Beer Geek Enabler! I am now an award winning event planner and professional enabler, all in one fell swoop! How cool is that!?

Certainly, I could not have done it without the volunteers and staff that work their tails off at my events, the continued support of the local businesses who sponsor my events, the talented brewers, musicians and artists who get involved in my events, and most importantly, the awesome, fun-loving people who attend my events! I say it all the time, but what’s a party if nobody comes?!

This year has been a very unique one so far. It started out with a record number of wedding client inquiries, but too many of them fell on dates of other events and I found myself working the smallest number of weddings since my first year in the industry.  I’ve taken this as a blessing in disguise, though. I have been able to really dig in and improve my events and explore more event-idea-worm-cans that I’ve ever been able to open! This has yielded my most productive and promising season and is making me very excited for the future!

I still plan to take on wedding clients in the future, but I’m really excited to shift gears more toward art, music and beer events. And now, more than ever, after getting such a prestigious accolade from Seven Days! I hope you all will stick with me because I have some really cool projects in the works and I can’t wait to share them with you.

In the meantime, I have some fun events coming right up! There are still tickets to Hop Jam and the Meet The Brewers Dinner for SIPtemberfest. Plus stay tuned to my Meg’s Events Facebook page for other cool events you should know about.

Thanks again for supporting Meg’s Events and I’m looking forward to a lot more fun-having to come!